Our vision is to accelerate the transition to the blockchain based digital economy

We structure, develop and implement matured blockchain technologies

as part of the of the digital transformation.

Our Team

Our team combines senior executives, skilled software developers and blockchain enthusiasts with years of experience in banking, payments and AI technologies. We focus on using matured technologies and build on top of established blockchain ecosystems. Our Pan-European team is located in Germany and Spain with HQ in Munich and Barcelona.

Our Products and Services

Working with Leading Blockchain Technologies

Our Brands

Payger is the new payment platform for your favourite digital assets. We compared the leading payment systems today and started to combine the best features + designs and implemented the best technologies to develop Payger – the coin agnostic payment platform for your digital assets. Payger enables you to store, transfer and trade multiple digital assets and is providing global payment solutions for individuals and businesses.

BitShareshub.io is a new information portal for investors, business and startups about the BitShares Blockchain. The BitShares Blockchain is setting new standards for all kind of financial services. Based on blockchain technology, the platform was developed for the financial industry, and it is open to everyone. Discover the BitShares blockchain now.

Contact us

For further details please send us an e-mail to info () my-echo.com.