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Our Vision with ECHO

Our world is changing into a more deeply integrated global economy of media, communication and commerce. Information and data are flowing instantly and borderless between p-to-peer around the globe. Everything is on demand and instantly available. Why is our money not?

When we want to send money to our family and friends we have to fight with long IBAN, BIC and sometimes even SWIFT numbers. Sending money is so complicated today!! Even worse, it takes days until the money finally arrives and we get charged high fees on every step. Is there no better solution for this painful problem?

Looking a step further, most of your favorite chat apps are open, unprotected like a postcard and everybody can read them. Most of our messages are been tracked, analyzed and stored without our knowledge. Cyber fraud, data theft, and blackmailing is a high risk for everybody and most of us do not know how to handle our data.
What if we would have an app that protects our privacy, encrypt all our voice, video and text messages plus makes money transfer easy again at the same time?

We call it ECHO.