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A revolution in messaging.


ECHO messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct. You decide how long your messages´ lives.


ECHO chat is free forever. No adds. No subscription fees. No hidden fees.


ECHO can be fully customized. Change the background, download new stickers and emoji, create your own and more. Time to explore!


Why switch to ECHO?


ECHO gives you the best messaging experience, make no compromises, enjoy your truly private chat with your friends.


ECHO protects your data from hackers with Blockchain technology.


ECHO servers are spread worldwide for security and speed. Your messages are stored in the cloud and 100% protected, no matter where you live.

The most powerful chat app in the cloud

Do you also wish to keep your chat conversations secret? Do not look further!

Your ECHO data is 100% protected in the cloud.

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Your secure cloud wallet.


ECHO enables instant P2P money transfer via photo, e-mail or text message. Send money to your friends, pay in stores, online or remit to your family.


ECHO does not hold your money or data. Your funds are 100% secured and protected in the Blockchain cloud. ECHO is your private remote control for your cloud wallet.


ECHO wallet is a cheap alternative to your existing online wallet. No monthly fees, no negative interest rates. You just pay a small fee for your money transfer.


Tip Tip Pay.


ECHO is 100% transparent. No hidden fees. No gambling with your money. You can easily track your money transfer history.

Multiple currencies

ECHO supports multiple currencies. Send your preferred currency for no extra charges around the world. Store your wealth regardless where you live.

Financial services

ECHO provides financial services for the developed and undeveloped world. Simply download the app and open a new account within a few minutes.

Disrupt banking forever

Selfies are so easy. Click click and you are the new selfie queen.

Why can I not pay that easy?

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The best of two worlds: Chatting + paying in one APP!

“I created my account in a few seconds and could start right away.

Chatting, sending cute puppy pictures and collecting loyalty points all in one app. I am loving it!”

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Explore the city: At home or abroad

Pay where ever you go. It just takes a picture and you even get reward points from your favorite restaurant for free!

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It´s all in one app – ECHO

Smart Technology

We are using the best technology and security standards to keep your data and funds safe.

Protect your Data & Funds

Say goodbye to hack attacks, unprotected chat communications or identity theft. You have total control over your data and funds.


You are the captain. Take control of your privacy and your money back again.

The ECHO app is coming soon

We are a new FinTech Startup based in Munich, Germany and are looking forward to built ECHO for you. It is our vision to give you back your private voice and private money in the cloud. Please support us on our journey!

We will be on tour in Germany and visit several Start up Events, just reach out to us!

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